I’m Ricardo Clement, a fingerstyle guitar player and composer from Germany. You can find my latest music and news on this website.

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Song list with Tabs and Tuning 31.10.2017

I've added a list of my original songs to the Music page including free Tabs and information about the used tuning and capo.

Twitch streaming 04.07.2016

I started to stream guitar and drum sessions on Twitch. I try to stream once a week. So follow me on Twitch to get notified when I go live.

Craft 028: Another RAV Vast Idea 02.06.2019

Though the different notes are limited here's another idea for a song on my RAV Vast A Integral. I still love this instrument :).

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Craft 027: RAV Vast A Integral Handpan 14.04.2019

I just bought the "A Integral" Handpan from RAV Vast. I really love this instrument. Though there are limitations in the tone range it's really beautiful and well crafted instrument wich a rich and deep tone that a Smartphone mic can't really pic up.

I've recorded an idea which is more about the chord movement than about a strong melody. 

Tuning: A2 C3 E3 F3 G3 A3 B3 C4 E4

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