Sucked into it

Though music always was a part in my life I began to play music myself rather late. I started playing piano at the age of 13. At first I wasn't too motivated to even begin but after the first lessons I was really hooked up in playing music. Even at the beginning one of the most fascinating things was to write and create my own music and express myself through this. After playing a few years I got interested in playing electric guitar.

Yeah! Guitar!

I learned playing guitar by myself by looking up how to finger chords and then playing them along other music. The more I played electric guitar, the more I got interested in also playing other styles of guitar. So after a short time I started to play acoustic guitar. Along the way on playing music I also liked to get a deeper knowledge of recording and mixing audio and participated a correspondence school for audio engineering.

Wait! You can slap a guitar?

Sometime around 2006 I discovered on YouTube by random some guitar players with techniques that I have never seen before. So after watching videos from Justin King, Andy McKee, Don Ross or Erik Mongrain I was really fascinated by the sound you get from just one acoustic guitar. So once seen, I really wanted to learn this kind of guitar playing called fingerstyle combined with techniques like tapping or percussive elements. An important thing for me is not just focusing on the technique but having catchy melodies that you can remember.